Hi all! I’ve missed you! Life has been mad hectic and it’s only by the grace of God. I remember when I was doing my degree (like it was years ago¬†?) and I thought working on MOD. alongside my degree was a side-hustle. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Uni in itself was not a…Continue Reading “On side-hustling”

Hello! Hello! Hi! First of all, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the response to my last post! I am so glad that it was of use to so many of you and the feedback has set the tone as to what future posts will look like. I’m starting to get…Continue Reading “On the wisdom of elders”

Hey guys! I’m recovering from some well deserved time off and am slowly easing back into productivity. It’s proving difficult. At the moment I’m fitting my life around my retail job as opposed to my degree but I need to get a move on if I want MOD. TO MEASURE to launch by the target…Continue Reading “On motivation: 5 tips to help you stay focused”